Top 11 Automation Software For B2B Marketers

Top 11 Automation Software For B2B Marketers

Marketing automation spend is predicted to touch $25.1 billion by 2023, as reported in a recent Forrester research. From $11.4 billion in 2017, the marketing automation industry is predicted to grow at a 14% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the next five years.

It will be fair to state that marketers are increasing their marketing automation budget year after year, thanks to the hyper-targeted and personalized marketing giving immense conversion results. The same Forrester research also revealed how investment in analytics and database technologies would see a 10.9% CAGR while 55% of CMOs will work towards increasing their marketing automation spend in the coming decade.

All these points conclude one thing- Marketers need advanced and high-end marketing automation tools.

Core factors behind this immense growth –

Marketing automation, by the concept, is the art of automation marketing communications across various marketing channels. Marketers need an advanced tool with features like lead tracking, predictive lead scoring, progressive lead profiling, multi-channel automation campaigns, advanced analytics and reports.

In a survey by Liana Technologies, around 68.5% of marketers agreed that marketing automation tool helps in improving targeted messaging, while 45.9% said it improves customer experience.

Each business has a different requirement. Some want to bring about sales-marketing alignment while others want to bring down their marketing cost. Whatever be the specifications, marketing automation tools help businesses bring in better leads, improve customer experience, trigger higher conversions, and build a brand image.

Since the demand is so high, it is obvious the market is filled with multiple marketing automation tools. While “best” is subjective, depending on what your business needs are, we’ve compiled 11 marketing automation tools that are getting rave reviews in the present date.

11 Marketing Automation Tools for B2B Marketers (User-Review-Based)

The primary reason for you to adopt a marketing automation tool may vary from other brands. However, before you invest in a marketing automation tool, you must identify what makes a marketing automation tool ideal for your business. The first step is to ask some of the basic questions, long before you have started screening out names of probable tools you will use. Questions like: Do I need marketing automation tool now? Or, what features do I need in my marketing automation tool? Are important. Here are 21 such important marketing automation questions that you must address before implementing a marketing automation tool.

Choosing a marketing automation tool:

There are definitely many factors that you will consider while choosing a marketing automation tool, but here are a few qualities that are mandatory in your marketing automation tool. Make sure you pick a tool that has all of these (and more of course).

  • Comprehensive feature list: Avoid flashy tools with limited features. Look for a tool that has a comprehensive feature set that is engineered to give your proper ROI from your automation campaigns.

  • All-in-one integration suite: You will want to invest in one tool that has everything sorted for you, rather than going for separate tools for each requirement. Look for a tool that has a robust integration with popular and useful websites, apps, tools, and social media platforms. Also, ensure that the integration process is smooth so that you spend maximum time in leveraging your campaigns than fixing your apps.

  • Detailed analytics: Evaluation is important for your marketing campaigns to succeed. Go for a tool that has robust analytics and is capable of handling data for your tasks. A tool with inbuilt analytics tool is perfect because you get to see the complete insights of your marketing campaigns right within your tool.

  • Detailed documentation: Opt for a tool that has detailed documentation available for all the feature implementations and integration processes. If you have to await the customer service team every time you want to explore a new feature, it will take a lot of time.

  • Mobile optimized tool: Pick a tool that gives you the power to control your campaigns from anywhere at any time. Go for a tool that is mobile optimized so that you can keep nurturing and converting your leads on the go.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the 11 most promising marketing automation software that B2B marketers trust.

NOTE: This list does not indicate that other existing tools are unworthy or less competent. Also, the order is random.

01.    Aritic PinPoint:

Aritic PinPoint is a full-stack marketing automation suite designed for SaaS and B2B companies. It has email marketing, social media scheduling, and lead monitoring, task management features for team collaboration, and much more – all rolled into one single platform.

  • Regarding features, it has 360-degree lead profiling, account-based marketing, dynamic and deep-rooted lead segmentation, live automation workflows, advance email filters, multichannel marketing automation, AI-driven consumer behaviour monitoring and integration with multiple business applications.

  • To add on, you can nurture and convert anonymous visitors with ad retargeting from Aritic PinPoint. In addition to it, it also has ease of use drag and drop builders which makes it a user-friendly platform.

Who is it best for – Aritic PinPoint is designed for the medium and large enterprise marketing team.

Pricing starts at – $79 for 1000 contacts


02.    Drip:

•    Drip is a dedicated marketing automation tool. It is the first e-commerce CRM designed for building personal and profitable relationships. And how! It enables you to automate periodically every part of your marketing with deeper integrations. It’s Facebook custom audience integration with custom audiences offers so many options when it comes to triggering workflows and rules, and retargeting customers with Facebook Ads.

•It has exclusive e-commerce marketing automation, user-friendly interface, advanced lead scoring, people-centric segmentation. It makes up for easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder and friendly pre-made templates, but it lacks in multichannel marketing.

Who is it best for – Drip is best for small business owners, such as for bloggers and content marketers.

Pricing starts at – $49/month for  2,500 subscribers


03.    MailChimp :

MailChimp is an affordable email marketing solution for small businesses. It’s great for lead generation and basic automation needs. It has great integration library with hundreds of tools which can enable you to do native integrations and even with third-party platforms also.

•  It has a clutter-free navigation, friendly pre-made templates, easy-to-understand email creators but it lacks in automation intuitiveness, smart segmentation and marketing automation features.

Who is it best for – If your business only needs to automate just for one-or-two -step campaigns, then Mailchimp is a safe option for you.

Pricing – $75 for 10000 subscribers


4.    Marketo :

  • Marketo is a popular name in the marketing automation software domain. It has exclusive features like scalability, landing page and web forms, survey creators, CRM integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, lead scoring, content and asset management. One of the momentous occasion for Marketo, when it entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Adobe. When these platforms will work together, they will definitely deliver an assured solution to customers around the globe.

  • It offers the best-in-class automation features like lead nurturing capabilities, social media applications, web tracking privacy, offers a drag and drop interface with a range of pre-designed templates, API enhancements but does not support dynamic website content integration and lacks in transparency too.

Who is it best for – Marketo is best for mid-market to enterprise-level B2B marketers.

Pricing – Starting from $895 / month

5.    Oracle Eloqua :

•  Eloqua has a very robust email platform, and it shares many of the same characteristics as Marketo when it comes to landing page creation- drag and drop editor, pre-designed templates, powerful form customization, dynamic content, but its B2B builder is better.

• It offers “Co-Dynamic Lead Scoring” technology uses common lead quality definitions, lead response, activity and behaviour. Eloqua offers closed-loop reporting, since “Eloqua Insight” is built on a BI platform, it provides robust reporting and dashboards which any company can easily customise to meet their reporting requirements and needs. It does not integrate with PPC/Adwords to achieve better ROI metrics for keyword campaigns. Eloqua lacks the fast implementation feature, whereas Aritic PinPoint proves to be the best alternative to it by offering an easy implementation and onboarding.

Who is it best for- Eloqua is ideal for large B2B enterprises looking for a powerful marketing automation solution.

Pricing – $4,000 / month for 10000 subscribers  


6. :

  • is one of the developing marketing automation tools. It is well- known for its flexibility, customization, lightweight UI, fast and personal customer support. It is used to trigger emails based on events, rather than just page views.

•  It sends marketing emails, transactional emails, push notifications and supports multichannel marketing also.  

Who is it best for – is ideal for web and mobile app businesses.

Pricing – $150 per month for 10,000 subscribers

07.    EasySendy Automate :

EasySendy is an advanced email marketing platform for online gig creators and small businesses. It has a more powerful automation plan, with EasySendy Automate, you can get automation features like website engagement and behaviour-based tracking and segmentation, lead scores, 360-degree lead profiling, landing pages, and more.

•It offers the features of automating Facebook leads engagement, adding Facebook chat widgets, add send message button. It enables you to deliver messages directly to your Facebook subscribers directly on Facebook Messenger.


Who is it best for – It is suitable for small-sized businesses, startups.

Pricing – $34 per month for 2500 subscribers

08.   Pardot :

•  Pardot shares many of the characteristics of Eloqua and Marketo like pre-defined templates, visual drag and drop landing page builder to facilitate landing page creation. It also has the ability to block the input of both invalid email addresses and free email addresses on landing page forms, which can help in offering high quality lead to your sales team.

• In addition to social posting capability which allows the tracking of retweets, likes and comments, it also scans for LinkedIn, twitter, facebook. One distinct feature is it’s quick start onboarding programs which connect new users to a dedicated Pardot implementation manager. Regarding CRM integration, it syncs with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, SugarCRM; it also offers an API to connect other third-party CRM platforms. It divides the lead scoring process into two subcomponents – lead grade and leads score. The social marketing tools in Pardot are lacking whereas Aritic PinPoint’s social platform behaviour usage in lead scoring and automation is not available anywhere else.

Who is it best for – Pardot is ideal for small-medium business to enterprise-level B2B organizations.

Pricing starts at – $1,250 for 10,000 contacts


09.    IBM Unica :

IBM Unica is a cloud-based marketing automation for large enterprises such as banking, financial services, retail, high technology, insurance, hospitality. It offers multi-wave campaigns, multi-channel automated campaigns, external command line triggers and automated scheduled functionality.

•It provides scheduling functionality which is useful for ad-hoc and multi-touch campaigns. In addition to offering the multichannel campaign management solution, it also provides deep segmentation over multiple data sources.  It provides sophisticated campaign management to automate marketing programs across channels, but it’s not compatible with non-enterprise organizations.

Who is it best for – It is suitable for large-sized enterprises.

Pricing starts at – by quote basis only


10.   Mailerlite :

MailerLite is a robust and cost-effective email marketing platform for small businesses and can be the best alternative solution to MailChimp. It has similar features of MailChimp like automation, beautiful landing page, web forms but the best part is that Mailerlite offers all these features free of cost.

•MailChimp lacks the features of customization, auto resend, landing pages, unsubscribe page builder, customer support where Mailerlite proves to be the best alternative to MailChimp by offering all these features in a better way. One of its exclusive features is the fantastic customer support provided round the clock.

Who is it best for – It is suitable for small-sized businesses.

Pricing starts at – $10 for 2500 subscribers



11.    Sendpulse :

Sendpulse is all-in-one marketing platform. It offers subscription forms, multichannel marketing, personalisation and segmentation, A/B testing, integration, mobile app. One of its exclusive features is that it sends Viber messages by enabling the “Resend to unread by SMS” function. With “White Label”  feature, it allows you to send out mailings without any mention of SendPulse, neither in the e-mail header nor the e-mail body.personalization

•With effective automation 360, you can set up trigger chains of emails, SMS messages, web-push notifications depending upon user actions, variables or events. They will add the feature of facebook messenger soon into it.

Who is it best for – It is suitable for small-sized businesses.

Pricing – $7.88 for up to 2500 contacts


A B2B marketer needs to be a multitasker. That doesn’t mean you do not need to automate some of your tasks. We hope this list of 11 marketing automation tools will help you identify the best-suited tool for your business. If you are still undecided, you can go back to the primary questions once again and get it sorted.

Did we miss any software solutions that you think should be here on this list? Tell us in the comments below and add a reason why you think it should be on this list.

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