How to Boost Facebook Engagement and Build a Loyal Community? 5 Simple Strategies

How to Boost Facebook Engagement and Build a Loyal Community? 5 Simple Strategies


Are you looking for effective ways to engage your fans and build a strong community?

Most importantly, is your business on Facebook?

If not, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Facebook witnessed a growth of 74% between 2015 and 2016 in ad spend by businesses, contributing to its $6.24 billion in ad revenue in 2015, according to a report by media technology company 4C.

Creating greater Facebook engagement and building a loyal community is a cakewalk. You just have to update your wall and visitors will flock to your page. This is the dream you’d focus on before getting started.

Sadly, many business owners stop updating their page when they don’t see their results despite their consistent efforts.

The hard truth

People despise the idea of being bombarded with advertisements from all possible platforms-radio broadcasts, TV, giant billboards, and also the web. The bitter truth is that people don’t log into Facebook to see advertisements. Furthermore, advertisers are scared because of the fact that Facebook gives users entire control on whether to view or ignore the ads.

How then do you increase your Facebook engagement?

You need a community of passionate followers. It’s a kind of a chicken and egg conundrum. By analyzing a huge number of brands and their engagement, I lately discovered some terrific hacks to get you started.

Here goes the list……..

1. Ask Questions

Conducting a Facebook poll or asking a probing question can easily spark dialogue with fans. It looks seductive to people and is perhaps one of the best and easiest ways to get your fans respond to your posts. Listen to their feedback and readjust your content to cater to the needs of people.

Here’s one terrific example from Post Planner.


Some handy tips to keep in mind while framing your questions are:

  • Keep them short
  • Ask multiple choice questions if possible
  • Ask Yes/No questions when relevant.
  • Ask light-hearted questions to get fantastic responses

Avoid using the “Questions” feature on your Facebook Page.


Because even if your post gets tons of engagement and goes viral, it won’t help your Edgerank in any way. Also, people who respond to the questions don’t really know where it’s coming from.

Avoid these silly blunders while asking questions on your Facbook page.

Having said that, there are different types of questions you can ask your followers and here’s a short summary to get things off the ground.



2. Keep your audience entertained

After you’ve accumulated a decent number of Facebook likes, how do you keep your fans entertained? In simpler terms, what can you do to keep your brand visible to your fans?

Social media can be a great platform to entertain your audience and eventually build a strong community.

Litographs, an online store that creates art from books you’ve read and loved, sells t-shirts, note bags and posters. They have great visual content that can easily pull the attention of readers. Not only do they drive sales with their Facebook posts, but also entertain their audience with innovative ideas.

They recently came up with an amusing idea of creating temporary tattoos of sentences from Alice in Wonderland. Around 5000 people were invited to participate in the longest tattoo chain ever. This type of idea can be an effective way to mobilize your audience and make them feel special.

Your fans have shown considerably loyalty towards your brand. Now is the time to reward that loyalty.

One way to do that is by organizing special contests since everyone loves a fantastic deal. Always tailor your contests to target the level of engagement you’d like from your audience.

Premier Facebook marketing expert, Marie Smith organized a Facebook contest, receiving more than 392 entries from 377 entrants.

Not only this……

Her contest also amassed 15,571 votes from 2153 voters. Interestingly, one of the posts received over 150 likes, 42 comments and 50 shares.


3. Organize a Facebook party

The success of your Facebook party largely depends on your set up and organization. Plan and get yourself organized in advance by creating an agenda. Compile all the URLs, photos, videos and posts that you want to share in advance.

Mamavation is a company that teaches about nutrition and natural wellness. They have heavy levels of user engagement and create consistent blog posts that teach their audience on making the right organic food choices.

They recently organized a Facebok party to give away gifts and discounts to fans who engaged the most.


Here is another example:


The image above has several posts with many giveaways and also a discount to every fan.

4. Create rapport with your fans using Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a new kid on the block and is a powerful tool that allows you to stream your video to your audience in real time.

Your audience can ask you questions using Facebook Live and share some time together. Makeup brand Benefit Cosmetics for example, leverages on Facebook Live to answer the questions of viewers and exhibit new products.

Before you start Facebook Live, build a strategy for what you want to talk about. Look for some common questions which you might be asked. You can also choose to run a tiny class on a topic associated to your business.

Here are 6 effective ways on using Facebook Live for your business.

5. Frequency of posting

The frequency of posting also has an effect on Facebook engagement.

What should be the frequency of posting on your Facebook Business page?

According to Facebook Engineering Manager Lars Backstrom, around 1500 posts from friends and pages liked are filtered every day on a user’s Facebook News Feed. And most users do not scroll to see all of them. So does this indicate that posting often will assist you reach more people?

Hubspot has created a chart showing how the number of posts their customers publish every month on Facebook impacts the number of indexed clicks per post.


The graph clearly demonstrates that businesses with more followers have more engagement on each of their posts. It also shows that for pages with more than 10,000 followers, posting often ups the number of clicks per post.

A major and noticeable takeaway here is not to overwhelm your fans with content on Facebook, but take up a selective approach on what you plan to publish. Spend more time crafting interesting posts and rethink on your marketing strategy on Facebook.

Ultimately, it’s not the quantity of the post but the quality that matters if you are to build a strong community with lots of engagement.

Now it’s your turn.

How have you increased your Facebook engagement? What are the strategies that have worked best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured Image Source:sproutsocial

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