5 Content Promotion Tactics That You Can Implement In Under 30 Minutes (And amass thousands of NEW readers)

5 Content Promotion Tactics That You Can Implement In Under 30 Minutes (And amass thousands of NEW readers)

Content promotion is a step where most brands fail at content marketing. They either think their job is over after they’ve crafted engaging content or put it on their social channels and wait for the accolades. But unless you’re fabulously lucky, such a tactic won’t work.

That’s because the internet is a crowded house with over 2 million blog posts published every single day, according to a report titled Internet Stats & Facts For 2018. And while your content might be outstanding, there are still thousands of content waiting to be discovered.

This is the sole reason why you should consider content promotion as an integral part of your content marketing strategy right from the day you create your maiden piece of content.

In this post, I’ll walk you through 5 of the best ways to connect to your audience with your content and improve your readership.

Here goes the list:

1. Send New Content To Your Email List

If you want to grow your brand or blog, the first step is to build a strong email list. It’s one of the most legitimate channels for reaching out to your followers. People have signed up to your email list since they want to hear from you. You are an authoritative figure for them and so your emails won’t be considered spammy. The chances of your emails being clicked and read are also high.

People love free stuff as long as it’s useful or targeted at them in particular. And sending freebies is a terrific way to draw your audience and show them how much knowledge you’ve on the subject.

An important takeaway here is that the content you produce has to be superior than the ones already present. It also must have something new to say. Only then will people have the urge to click on the shared link and read.

You should also have the knack of building an email list.

Here’s a fantastic article by Isabelle Paquin on building your email list when you’ve very little content to share. She has used this strategy to grow a decent number of subscribers with only 5 blog posts.

2. Influencer Marketing

Criticisms and word of mouth recommendations spread through social platforms faster than fire in a dry field. And this is what exactly happens with influencer marketing.

Influencers are the guys who have already nurtured large audiences and have the necessary resources to reach those audiences. And if you can manage to foster strong relationships with them, you can easily promote your new piece of content to an entirely new audience on a large scale.

Marketers are heavily spending on influencer marketing, with the total global spend on just Instagram in 2016 being $570 million.

Linqia.com has compiled a neat graph which shows the humongous benefits of influencer marketing.

A brilliant tool that allows you to track influencers on Twitter is Followerwonk.

Using your twitter account, log into Followerwonk. Click on the “Search Bios” tab in the upper left corner and enter your industry/niche in the box that appears. Hit “Do It.”

Our main aim is to scout Twitter accounts to find influential people/organizations on the topic you’ve written about. A high number of followers along with high social authority are good indicators. However, a social authority can be way better than tons of followers as it illustrates an engaged audience.

In the example below, I’ve a piece of content to promote on content marketing. The best keyword for this would be “content marketers.”

Jeff Bullas and Ann Handley would be my top picks as they have higher social authority with millions of followers.

The next step includes creating snippets for mega sharing on social media.

A snippet can be any of the following:

  • Title variations
  • Short quotes from the content
  • Interesting statements from the content
  • Stats from the content
  • And anything that might grab the attention of the reader

Share the snippets on social media and mention the influencers you’ve referenced.

(Note: In this post I haven’t mentioned Jeff or Ann as I couldn’t find anything relevant. This is simply to help you understand.)

Try including facts and stats and share them while mentioning the referenced brands.

The people you mention will notice that you’ve mentioned them and some will re-share.

A huge blunder people make is tweeting the same headline and link multiple times. Well, that should not be the case. If you do so, you may look like a spammer and that’s not what you want.

Follow Aaron Lee’s style:

Image Source

You can see Aaron tweeting the same post 4 times, but using entirely new headlines and links.

3. Content Syndication

Content syndication is a technique of republishing content on other sites to reach a broader audience. This method not only increases brand awareness and your reach, but also builds links and drives more traffic to your original content.

It can be super useful when it comes to content promotion because:

  • Allows your content to help a new audience
  • Provides greater value to the blogs you admire
  • Saves time. Instead of spending several hours writing a guest post that will be published just once, you’ll be spending lesser time to get the same post published on several sites.

Google will never penalize you for content syndication.

Noted author, photographer, and weightlifter James Clear has had a lot of success with content syndication.

Lifehacker once decided to republish his article on their site, which resulted in James gaining over 600 new subscribers.

You may like to read more about James’ secrets of content syndication.

Here are some tips to get started with content syndication:

  • Start guest posting

You can start a blog and begin content syndication immediately. But the big blogs might not be interested in what you might have to say even if it’s something out of the box. Unless you’re an authority in your industry, syndication is an uphill task.

First you need to establish yourself as a brilliant writer in your industry and that comes through guest posting. Buffer’s Co-founder, Leo, wrote nearly 150 guest posts during nine months to acquire more than 1000,000 customers for BufferApp.

  • Improve and refine the content on your own site

Writing dozens of posts on your site and on sites of syndicating partners can go a long way in content promotion. It also helps you improve your own work, thereby gaining accolades from your readers. Who knows? The process can lead to couple big hits too.

  • Submit your most read/shared posts

These come with built-in validation (in terms of views, likes, comments and social shares). Submitting your top-performing articles makes it easier for the potential publisher to say yes.

  • Select syndication partners      

There are many sites open to the idea of content syndication. Here’s a list of content syndication tools from izooto.com.

Finally except some refusals or denials along the way. Even the likes of Buffer didn’t get their top listed blogs right away.

4. Contact People Who Have Linked To Similar Content

This is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to get your content read by people linked to your niche.

Find people who have linked to similar content, and introduce your similar but BETTER content to them. There are many tools that help you to find links to a URL. My favorite is Open Site Explorer.

Identify similar content to yours and paste the URLs into Open Site Explorer. You’ll get a list of URLs that have linked to the items. These should be your targets.

Use BuzzStream to find their contact information and ask them to consider linking to your new content.

You can even use Buzzsumo to find people who have shared similar content by clicking on the “View Sharers” icon.

Reach out with this message:


And if your content stands out, you might get hundreds of  shares.

5. Submit To Content Communities

For most marketers and bloggers, the first step to content promotion is to share it on Twitter and Facebook-but after this, they stand at a loss. If you’re merely showcasing your posts on these social channels, you’re missing out on a huge number of potential views that would have come by sharing on other brilliant platforms.

You can easily submit your content to a number of sites so their established audience gets the opportunity to see it. The competition is fierce on these channels; however, if your content is exceptional, you’ll garner new readers and get some decent traffic.

Here are some sites where you can submit content to:


If you’re in dire need of traffic, look no further than Triberr. This is a social channel where joining “tribes” can assist you to establish relationships with influencers and bloggers. You can also earn quality traffic by sharing their content.

Blog Engage

Blog Engage is a place where you can share your content while other bloggers offer their viewpoint after reading it. The only important point noting here is to be an active part of the community. By doing so, you’ll get extra visibility and traffic.


StumbleUpon is a social platform that allows you to browse random pages simply by clicking the “Stumble” button. You can post your content and if users like it, it’ll appear in the random search rotation. In short, it’s an easy way to drive credibility and grow your reader base.


Visual.ly helps brands create infographics and other forms of visual content. It also provides a way of sharing these files. By turning your article into infographics or other visual content and sharing them, you’ll greatly increase your content’s exposure.


Congratulations! You’re now on your way to getting your content to the widest possible audience. The bottom line is to keep on churning high-quality content and promoting it.

Try something, see how it did, and then refine your approach. That’s the way to be a kickass content promotion superstar.

Pankaj Mondal

Self taught content marketer, blogger, freelance writer and Founder of Monkey Goes Digital

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